Dealerships & Banks vs Car Finance Brokers: Who To Trust?

A car purchase can involve a lot of moving parts, and it can often feel like you’re in an uphill battle against the bank and/or the dealership.Car f...

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Car Finance: From Application to Funding

Author: Ronan McCrae

Car finance allows us to purchase vehicles, whether they be for personal or business use, without having to save an exorbitant amount of money first. ...

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Four Car Dealership Finance Traps to Watch Out For

Author: Diego Deo

The 2017 Ray Morgan Image of Professions Survey determined that Australian’s consider “car salesman” to be the least trustworthy profession. Thi...

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Why Car Loan Pre-approvals are a Great Place to Start

Author: Steffan Marco

Time for a new car?
We would hazard a guess and say the first thing you’re going to do is head to a car dealership or start looking at cars online....

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Car Finance: Interest Rates Explained

Author: Hugo Dev

The necessity to pay interest, irrespective of the loan type, is one of the primary pain points when applying for a loan. Often, we’re on a very fix...

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One Percent Car Finance: The Catch

Author: Auto Loans Group

When shopping for a new car, seeing the advertised interest rate for finance being at 1% (or sometimes 0%) can send prospective car owners into a fren...

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