AutoCarLoans / Sep 09,2019

Finance Comparison Sites: How They Really Work

It’s important to understand that finance comparison sites are lead generators for lenders. That means you won’t necessarily get the best finance ...

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AutoCarLoans / Sep 03,2019

Beware of Car Dealer After-Market Products

After-market products are optional extras and accessories that car dealers will try and sell you when you’re buying a car. Often they’ll charge a ...

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AutoCarLoans / Aug 26,2019

Chattel Mortgage FAQ

A chattel mortgage is a financing option that you should consider when buying a new business vehicle. It can provide you with a range of benefits over...

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AutoCarLoans / Aug 20,2019

Things That Will Help and Harm Your Credit File

Your credit file is a record of payments you have made on credit with previous companies and agencies. This file, or score, shows future lenders whet...

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AutoCarLoans / Aug 13,2019

Car Finance: Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) Explained

There are many things to think about before financing a car, LVR being just one of them. Make sure you understand exactly what you are signing before ...

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AutoCarLoans / Jul 23,2019

Our Most Popular Vehicle Model

The Toyota Hilux ute is Australia’s highest-selling new vehicle. It’s riding the wave of the increased popularity of 4 x 4 utes. The Hilux is outp...

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