/ Sep 09,2019

Finance Comparison Sites: How They Really Work

It’s important to understand that finance comparison sites are lead generators for lenders. That means you won’t necessarily get the best finance

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/ Sep 03,2019

Beware of Car Dealer After-Market Products

After-market products are optional extras and accessories that car dealers will try and sell you when you’re buying a car. Often they’ll charge a

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/ Aug 13,2019

Car Finance: Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) Explained

There are many things to think about before financing a car, LVR being just one of them. Make sure you understand exactly what you are signing before

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/ Jul 23,2019

Death of the Aussie Ute

Utes are no longer made in Australia after Ford and Holden shut down their local manufacturing plants. We now import utes from overseas, including For

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/ Jul 23,2019

Novated Leases: The Hidden Costs

Beware of inflated hidden costs in a novated lease! They can outweigh any potential tax benefits. You might be better off going directly to a lender.

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/ May 14,2019

What is Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance, also known as ‘vehicle equity insurance’, is a very popular form of insurance protection for car buyers with finance. Basically, i

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/ Apr 09,2019

9 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

While you may not think that summer is a season that's particularly hard on your car, think again. Here’s how to get your car ready for sunny drives

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/ Mar 05,2019

10 of the Best! Australia’s Top Selling Cars

We all have slightly different preferences when it comes to our favourite drives. However, there are a few big-name car brands and models out there w

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/ Feb 25,2019

Novated Lease or Car Loan: Which is Best?

Many novated lease customers who use their car for business purposes don’t realise they are eligible for a chattel mortgage and associated tax deduc

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