Are Driverless Cars a Good Idea?

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest movements in technology, you’ve probably already heard that driverless cars could be active on our roads quite soon. But what are driverless cars? Are they safe?

These cars come with inbuilt artificial intelligence. That means, instead of having a person behind the wheel, the vehicle drives itself. It works to a GPS system, not unlike that which you’ll find on Google Maps.

But the idea of a completely driverless car is one which might seem a little scary. Are they necessarily a good idea in practice?

Why Driverless Cars are a Good Idea

  • The most significant point in favour of these vehicles is that they will give people a lot of freedom. Those unable to drive, such as those with disabilities, can get out and about more than before.
  • Driverless cars will always obey the law. Therefore, there’s likely to be fewer accidents on the roads through willful ignorance or drink driving.
  • Driverless cars know where they’re going. With on-board GPS, there’ll never be any risk of one becoming lost. You just put in an address and let the car do the rest.
  • Many driverless cars in production will primarily be electric. That’s a big plus for the environment.
  • Cars without drivers get to where they need to be, quicker. That means less traffic and smarter mileage from car to car.
  • Taxi costs will drive down – as drivers won’t have to be paid!

However, there are plenty of reasons why we may not be looking forward to this kind of future.

Why Driverless Cars Are Not So Good

  • Driverless cars are scary! An astonishing study revealed that around 75% of Americans polled were not comfortable with getting into an automated vehicle.
  • That could primarily be down to the fact that you are placing your life in the hands of a machine. While we use technology to assist us every day, can we place that much trust in a car?
  • Some people against driverless vehicles point out that systems can go awry. Whether through malfunction, overheating or even hacking, placing your road safety at the hands of a self-driving car may be a little too scary for some.
  • The technology could put a lot of people out of work. While it may drive down taxi fares, the drivers will be left unemployed. That, of course, is if these cars are picked up on a mass basis.
  • If your driverless car accidentally causes an accident, who is to blame?

There are many interesting debates which continue to rage on about driverless vehicles. The technology is still relatively new, but we are thought to only be a few years away from seeing them on our roads in full force!

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