The Best Cars to Buy in Your 20s

Are you in your 20s and looking to buy a new car? Whether you’ve never owned a car or you’re looking to upgrade, there are many things to consider. Below are six of the best cars to buy in your 20s, in price order.


1. Kia Picanto (hatchback)

At the most affordable end of the market, we have the Kia Picanto Hatchback. This compact, sub-$20,000 car has it all: style, comfort, and affordability. It also has all the technological features you could want in car. These include wireless connectivity, an LCD touch screen, and Bluetooth multi-connection.


2. Kia Rio (hatchback)

Another great Kia model is the Kia Rio Hatchback. As well as being affordable, the Rio has the versatility and comfort of a standard hatchback. It offers many updated details for comfort and reliability. These include electric side mirrors, climate control air conditioning and rear-view cameras. Like the Picanto, it also has USB charging ports and an impressive touchscreen system.


3. Suzuki Swift (hatchback)

The Suzuki Swift is another strong contender in the sub-$20,000 range. The Swift is the perfect vehicle for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable car. It offers impressive safety features and received a five-star ANCAP safety rating. These features include electronic stability control, six airbags and other preventative safety technologies. If you want a safe car with an impressive performance, you should consider the Swift.


4. Suzuki Jimny (4×4)

If you’re looking for something bigger and more rugged than the Swift, the Suzuki Jimny is the car for you. This 4×4 off-roader can withstand the toughest weather conditions. Featuring a powerful engine and 4WD technology, the Jimny is practical for all your needs. It can also store all your camping and adventure gear with ease.


5. Mazda MX-5

As the price increases, so does the level of style and performance. The Mazda MX-5 has a striking exterior, but it has a range of impressive interior features as well. These include blind spot monitoring, brake support and traffic spot sign recognition. It also has modern technological features and allows you to pair several devices.


6. Mini Cooper Convertible

At the more expensive end of the market, we have the Mini Cooper Convertible. Renowned for its sleek and modern look, the Mini offers freedom, power and excitement. If you can afford to pay a bit extra, we recommend the Mini for a faster and more innovative driving experience. Features include keyless entry, front and rear park assist, and a panoramic sunroof.


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