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We’re on the lookout for top-notch performers to join our rapidly growing team. Come and join us.

Who We Are &
What We Believe

With our founding staff, we built from nothing to a multi-million dollar business, in less than 9 months. This is testament to our staff more than anything else, which why we hold our staff in such high regard.. We believe in honesty, transparency, and treating our staff and customers right.

We hate hierarchies, meddling managers, senseless rules, and directors in ivory towers. With us you’ll be treated like a real person, not some metric on a spreadsheet.

We‘ll be right there in the trenches with you, there to support you when it’s needed but otherwise we’ll get out of the way so you can achieve the outstanding results we know you’re capable of.

Here’s What We Value

One Team

We’re after team players who do what’s right for their colleagues and their customers. Selfish people who flout credit rules to achieve this month’s target aren’t tolerated around here. With us, whether you’re writing huge volumes of finance, just in training, or managing support at the back end, you’ll be treated as equals by your colleagues and managers alike.

Have fun

Work doesn’t have to be terrible. You shouldn’t have to be at work on a Saturday. Morale doesn’t have to be low. As well as creating a relaxed and pleasant workplace while getting the job done, we like to do fun stuff with the team on a regular basis. More on that below.

The Big Picture

We’re not looking at how big last month was. We’re forward thinking, focusing our time and investments on where we will be disrupting the fintech sector in 2 and 5 years time, ensuring our people will not only be moving with the times, but with a business that is leading the way.

Talk Straight

We tell it like it is. Maybe it’s our country roots, but we hate corporate BS and garbled management spin. Here issues are transparently shared. And they’re dealt with respectfully and openly.

Customer Obsessed

We love our customers and so will you. We’re after people who are friendly, open and willing to take customer service to the next level. It makes it easier because you will own your clients throughout their time with us (they won’t be shuffled between departments as retentions). Because we know our long term success rests on happy, satisfied customers.

Success Focused

We’re a winning company that’s achieved extraordinary growth, and we’ve done it because we only hire experienced performers. Don’t let the team’s laid back nature fool you, just because we enjoy ourselves in the office, doesn’t mean we’re not the best in the industry at what we do.

Work Hard.
Celebrate the Wins.

With a fun, youthful culture, we know how to have fun while still getting the job done. We’ve all worked in places where you have to grit your teeth before coming into the office each morning, so we make sure working here is a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s having a laugh across the floor, or cracking a cold one mid afternoon on a Friday, there’s a relaxed social vibe here that you just don’t get at most workplaces.

We don’t mandate Friday nights away from your friends and family (and certainly not weekends at the local car yard!), but there’s always a drink or three on offer. We also like to make a strong showing at industry events (which usually end late with a big Espresso Martini bill).

And ‘yes’, we actually do special things to show appreciation and share success with our valued team. Whether it’s flying the team to the Yarra Valley in helicopters for EOFY lunch, or a Christmas boat trip on the harbor, there’s always something special to look forward to.

The Grass Is Greener Here

Better Work

Here you’re free to work independently to achieve outcomes without management hassle. You work direct with customers who you own throughout their time with us. We eliminate bureaucracy and politics, so you’re free to achieve outstanding and satisfying results. And you won’t have to worry about weekends sacrificed at the car dealership, we work business days only.

More Fun

A career in asset finance doesn’t have to be a drag. With a fun, friendly culture we’re different from the miserable revolving door workplace you’re probably used to. Here you’ll enjoy the high morale of a quality team, you’ll be known and valued by everyone in the company.

Solid Management

Do you hate hierarchies, unrealistic sales targets, over-involved or non-involved management, or pointless rules? So do we. Because here you’ll be treated like a partner running your own clients, free to go about your job without meddling or interruption. If you need support, we’re there for you. If you have a good idea, we’ll implement it ASAP. But otherwise you’re free to do your own thing, the way you want to do it. It makes life so much better.

(Far) Better Pay

Are you a top performer getting paid less than you deserve? We want to attract and retain the best, so we’ll pay you far more than your current employer, period. We offer high base salaries and, on top of that, our commission structure for sales roles is the highest in the industry. Couple that with our focus on super high quality leads, and you’ll be amazed at how much better off you are with us.

Real Progression

We love our customers and so will you. We’re after people who are friendly, open and willing to take customer service to the next level. It makes it easier because you will own your clients throughout their time with us (they won’t be shuffled between departments as retentions). Because we know our long term success rests on happy, satisfied customers.

Quality Leads & Customers

We make a huge amount of effort avoiding inquiries from ‘tyre kickers’ or unsuitable clients. That means most people you deal with are ready to do business, and value and respect what you offer. We’re about treating our customers well, and being treated well in turn. Here we’re a people-driven business, not a numbers game.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

We wouldn’t make claims like ‘highest paid’ and ‘best leads’ if they couldn’t be substantiated. We stand by what we say, and it’s confirmed time and time again with each new start that we take on. Further, we actually encourage potential candidates to reach out to our current team members. Have a one on one, independent chat with them, and discover how much better things can be.

Current Opportunities

Senior Car Finance Consultant Full Time
Car Finance Consultant Full Time
Settlements Support Officer Full Time

Why Settle for Second Best?

In every industry there are companies who peddle the Big Lie to their staff: that in spite of low pay, terrible morale, long hours and ruthless management, that somehow they’re privileged to work at such a prestigious company or dealership.

We’re not about that. A fancy title is no reason to stay in a miserable workplace.

Over here we’re the real deal. We’ll pay you better; and we’ll treat you better, too. Because life’s too short to settle for second best. When you’re ready to join a winning team, reach out to us via the contact form and we’ll have a confidential chat about your options.

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