/ Apr 15,2019

The Best Car Colours for Your Business

We all have our favourite colours. If you run a business or brand, there’s a good chance you have a colour associated with your service, too. But

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/ Apr 09,2019

9 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

While you may not think that summer is a season that's particularly hard on your car, think again. Here’s how to get your car ready for sunny drives

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/ Apr 04,2019

5 Ways to Earn Money with Your Car

If you’re considering buying a car, you may wish to know more about how to help your four-wheeled friend pay for itself. Everyday vehicle expenses

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Kate Browne, Finder / Apr 01,2019

Five questions to ask your used-car dealer

Buying a quality second-hand car can save you thousands, especially if it’s only a couple of years old. Yet sometimes you’ll find there’s one th

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/ Mar 14,2019

Car Driving in Australia: The Absolute Basics

New to driving in Australia? There are a few things you should be keeping in mind when you first take to the road. Driving may look easy, and some pe

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/ Jan 25,2019

Top 10 Ways To Avoid Missing Your Car Loan Repayments

Nobody enjoys paying a bill. Whether it be for your mobile phone, electricity or Netflix subscription, most of us just prefer to set up some direct de

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/ Dec 28,2018

When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

Waiting for the right time to buy your new car can really make the world of difference, not only to the car you get, but to your bank account too. But

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/ Nov 21,2018

5 Traps to avoid when buying a car

Buying a new car seems simple enough. You source financing, find your dream ride and hightail it out of the dealership. Yet rarely is the process this

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/ Oct 22,2018

The Basic Documents Needed for Car Finance

Now that you’re moving into the application process, getting your documents in order is the next critical step.All of our 30+ lenders have different

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