/ Apr 04,2019

5 Ways to Earn Money with Your Car

If you’re considering buying a car, you may wish to know more about how to help your four-wheeled friend pay for itself. Everyday vehicle expenses

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Kate Browne, Finder / Apr 01,2019

Five questions to ask your used-car dealer

Buying a quality second-hand car can save you thousands, especially if it’s only a couple of years old. Yet sometimes you’ll find there’s one th

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/ Mar 05,2019

10 of the Best! Australia’s Top Selling Cars

We all have slightly different preferences when it comes to our favourite drives. However, there are a few big-name car brands and models out there w

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/ Mar 01,2019

Australian Car Finance Fees Explained

Our team at Auto Car Loans know that nobody likes any nasty fee surprises when taking out car finance. We like to be upfront, so you know exactly how

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/ Feb 25,2019

Novated Lease or Car Loan: Which is Best?

Many novated lease customers who use their car for business purposes don’t realise they are eligible for a chattel mortgage and associated tax deduc

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/ Feb 22,2019

Using a Broker for Private Sale Car Finance

Purchasing a vehicle from a private vendor is appealing as it usually saves you money compared to buying through a dealership.

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/ Feb 18,2019

Refinancing a Car Loan: Is it Possible?

At Auto Car Loans, we can help with refinancing, but there are some things to consider first.

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/ Jan 11,2019

What Types of Car Finance are There?

When it comes to car finance, a lot of the decisions often come down to finding a comfortable balance. Whether it be between car repayments and loan l

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/ Nov 08,2018

Car Finance: What are Balloon Payments & Residual Payments?

A Balloon Payment, is a great way to lower your car loan repayments by leveraging value your car will still hold at the end of the loan.

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/ Oct 22,2018

Dealerships & Banks vs Car Finance Brokers: Who To Trust?

A car purchase can involve a lot of moving parts, and it can often feel like you’re in an uphill battle against the bank and/or the dealership.Car f

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Diego Deo / Oct 09,2018

Four Car Dealership Finance Traps to Watch Out For

The 2017 Ray Morgan Image of Professions Survey determined that Australian’s consider “car salesman” to be the least trustworthy profession. Thi

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