/ May 14,2019

What is Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance, also known as ‘vehicle equity insurance’, is a very popular form of insurance protection for car buyers with finance. Basically, i

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/ Apr 15,2019

The Best Car Colours for Your Business

We all have our favourite colours. If you run a business or brand, there’s a good chance you have a colour associated with your service, too. But

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/ Mar 29,2019

7 Tricks Car Dealers Hope You Don’t Know

Buying a car isn’t always as simple as it may seem. Many seasoned car dealers have a number of tricks up their sleeves which they can use to their

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/ Mar 21,2019

Australian Car Theft Stats You Should Be Aware Of

Australia is a nation of car lovers. Unfortunately, as a result, that also means we’re at significant risk of car theft. 92% of households own at

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/ Feb 15,2019

Low Doc Car Loans: A Car Finance Solution for the Self-employed

Applying for car finance can be tough when you are self-employed or an entrepreneur. Usually car financiers require two years of tax returns before th

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/ Jan 30,2019

Business Car Finance: Buy or Lease?

Leasing or borrowing can begin with a simple down payment and a flexible lease or set loan payment plan.You’ll have access to a vast range of cars a

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/ Jan 30,2019

Financial Steps to Take Before Buying a Car

It is worth remembering that many people buy cars and vehicles without having the full cost available in liquid cash. With this in mind, a number of

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/ Jan 28,2019

How to Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Small Business

When leasing or buying a car for your business, it’s important to look at several factors. There are not only costs to consider. The right car

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/ Jan 22,2019

The 7 Most Common Car Finance Mistakes

Purchasing a new car can be quite an exhausting process – between finding the right car and negotiating a fair price with the dealership, the last t

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/ Jan 16,2019

Is it Possible to Get Lower Interest Rates on Car Finance?

There’s a lot to consider and you don’t want to misstep when you’re dealing in the world of finance and credit. One false move could cost you

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