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'Car salesmen have remained the nation’s least trusted profession for over 30 years'
-Roy Morgan Research, Image of
Professions Survey,2016
A Better Way To Buy Your New Car

Car Dealers: they’re rated as less trustworthy than both politicians and real estate agents! Small wonder, with their high pressure sales tactics and predatory finance contracts.

But buying your new car doesn’t have to mean wasting your weekends at dealerships fending off the ‘hard sell’.

That’s the secret of fleet buying: Fleet dealers are professionals who only work with professional buyers like us who buy large volumes of cars. There’s no sales hassle, just good old no-nonsense service and even better pricing.

We’ll tender you car requirements out to our network of fleet dealers on your behalf. Once we’ve secured you the best price, we can have the car dropped off right to your door –it’s a better way to buy your new car, for sure.

Why Use Our New Car Buying Concierge?


Car shopping doesn’t have to mean countless hours driving between dealerships.

These days, there’s a ton of information online to help you decide on your ultimate car.

And once you know what you want, you don’t have to get off your armchair from there.

Just speak with our team about what you want and we’ll find it for you!


Because our group buys a high volume of cars, we can access fleet pricing that private individuals can’t.

And we keep that pricing sharp: by tendering your car to at least 3 dealers, we’ll make sure you get a great deal on your dream car.

Because there’s nothing like telling your friends that you got your new car for less than they did! And unlike other Car Buying Services, our service is 100% free!


There are better ways to spend your weekend, than being ’sold’ by a bunch of aggressive, unscrupulous car salesman.

With our concierge service we’ll do the shopping around for you. We’ll also deliver your car straight to your door, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Save time, save money, and take your weekends back! We make car buying fun and convenient.

Better Service. Better Prices.

The Smarter Way To Buy Your New Car

*Obligation-free service

How it works


Let us know what Make & Model you want, plus any optional extras.

If you’re not yet sure, that’s okay: our guys LIVE & BREATHE cars and can offer you guidance based on decades of experience.

If you need to compare a couple of cars over a test drive, that’s fine too. Our test drives only happen at FLEET dealers, you’ll be ushered past the rabbid car salesmen into the Fleet Section and avoid the sales hassle.


Depending on the Make & Model, we’ll tender your car needs to 3-7 fleet dealers in our Nation-wide network.

Because we buy so many cars and have strong working relationships with these dealers, we can access PROFESSIONAL pricing on your behalf that is usually much cheaper than you can get on your own.

They’ll usually get pricing back to us within a few hours. You can choose to go ahead with your quote from there.


We’ll have your new car delivered to your home or workplace with a full tank of fuel –free!

That means you can buy a car and secure an excellent price that your mates will be super jealous of -without ever having to set foot in a dealership!

Better Service and Better Pricing: It’s a better way to buy a car, for sure. And it’s a free service for our finance customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

Zero. Zilch. Nada.  Unlike our competitors, who charge an upfront fee or a percentage of the vehicle price, this service is 100% free for our clients! And if you choose to go ahead? Well that’s free for you, too. The fleet dealers will pay us a modest fee on the side for sending them our business, while still giving you a fantastic quote.

What If I Want A Test Drive?

We’re happy to arrange a test drive for you if you need one. But if you do, the experience will be worlds apart from your typical car yard.
Just prompt, professional service –WITHOUT the sales hassle.

What Are Fleet Dealers?

Fleet dealers are where the Big Boys play. The Industry Insiders, the Professional Buyers: they don’t have to put up with smarmy salesmen or over-priced deals, and –now- neither do you!

Is There Any Obligation Once I Get A Quote?

No. But we’re confident our pricing will stack up very well, so make sure you come to us rather than just taking whatever price your local dealer gives you.

Can You Get Me A Used Car?

Nope. New or Demo only, sorry.
(Used Cars can’t be quoted on a ‘like for like’ basis, so we risk not getting 100% satisfaction from our clients; that’s a no-go for us!)

Do I Need To Know The Exact Car I Want?

As long as you’re serious about buying a new car soon, we’re happy to speak with you. Our expert team LOVE cars and have a host of information to help you make an informed decision. Just get in touch today and let’s discuss your options.

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