10 of the Best! Australia’s Top Selling Cars

We all have slightly different preferences when it comes to our favourite drives. However, there are a few big-name car brands and models out there which continue to capture the hearts of Australian motorists everywhere. Let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest sellers – and why they’re so popular!

    1. The Toyota Hilux

Famously named the best-selling car in Australia in recent years, the Hilux does it all. A super-efficient pickup which is just as popular over in Europe, this imposing yet smooth-riding supercar may be rugged – but it’s surprisingly quiet, too.

    1. The Ford Ranger

Australians love a tough, capable car. The Ford Ranger is a well-advertised machine which boasts incredible off-road control and robust construction. Heading into deep water? Your Ranger has you covered.

    1. The Mazda 3

Yes – we Australians love our Japanese cars, too! Mazdas are well-known for being reliable, long-running, and a joy to drive. Safety and fun can come hand in hand, and the Mazda 3 more than proves it.

    1. The Isuzu D-Max

4×4 Utes are massively popular nationwide, and Isuzu continues to prove that they are a brand which can build the very best of them. The award-winning D-Max is pure power on four wheels, perfect for towing and for heading off the beaten track, and with a reputation for durability and reliability.

    1. The Hyundai Tucson

This super-safe family-friendly car is an award-winner. Offering an immense amount of onboard control and elevated comfort as standard, the Tucson is an Australian favourite for plenty of reasons.

    1. The Nissan X-Trail

If you’re noticing a slight pattern here, it’s that we Australians love our off-roaders. The X-Trail can deliver four-wheel drive through a locked centre differential, making it quite capable offroad for a family SUV. It’s available with up to 7 seats so that you can take the whole pack off-course. A car described by Nissan as ‘styled for adventure’.

    1. The Toyota Camry

Looking for a car beloved by Australian drivers promising mileage stretching into the 100ks? Look no further than a Camry. A huge seller in recent years, its newest model is sleek, smooth to drive and perfect for regular outings.

    1. The Toyota Corolla

Sticking with Toyota, the Corolla remains a big draw for Australian drivers. It’s a long-standing, practical car which offers incredible onboard control and effortless style. It’s also super-safe, too!

    1. The Holden Commodore

The Commodore is a legendary Aussie drive. While foreign manufacturers may have eaten into the market in recent years, Holden has quietly improved their Commodores to the extent where its parking assists and on-board alerts make them some of the most intelligent cars around.

    1. The Mitsubishi Triton

A superb family car that ploughs through and takes no prisoners. The Triton is a long-standing Australian favourite, and as such, it continues to appeal to families seeking value for money from their Ute purchase. While it may look a little unwieldy, it handles like a dream.

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