Australian Car Theft Stats You Should Be Aware Of

Australia is a nation of car lovers. Unfortunately, as a result, that also means we’re at significant risk of car theft. 92% of households own at least one car, and the average number of cars per household rolls in at 1.8.

As such, it’s never been more important to make sure your car is fully protected. That includes working alarm systems, locking and, of course, extreme vigilance. You should also make sure your car or vehicle is insured.

Facts and Figures

In order to get a clearer view of the risks involved concerning car theft in Australia, let’s take a look at some recent nationwide statistics.

  • There has been a decline in car theft across the country for around a decade now. That, however, doesn’t mean we should ever be complacent about security.
  • Statistics from 2017 show that up to 52,858 cars were stolen nationwide. That equates to someone in Australia losing a car every ten minutes.
  • That’s actually 7% fewer thefts than in 2016. However, let’s not get too comfortable.
  • It’s thought this drop has arisen as a result of there being less interest in heavier vehicles. Even so, it pays to be safe.
  • Australian motor theft is a pricey business. It’s estimated around $880 million is exhausted each year as a result of combatting and relieving from theft.
  • Many thieves will steal cars if there’s a key in the ignition. It’s thought up to 18% of thefts in 2017 occurred as a result of drivers just not being careful with their keys.
  • Outright burglary, however, is the main culprit in terms of car theft statistics. 37% of car thefts occurred as a result of keys being stolen, often from places in plain sight. The message here is, of course, to always take care of your car keys. Over half of car thefts in Australia occur thanks to thieves having access to them!
  • Other forms of car theft can include stealth without consent, for example from a family member. Only 14% of car thefts, believe it or not, are thought to occur as a result of hot-wiring.
  • Passenger vehicles were stolen the most in 2017, with 42,592 reported. Over 8,000 motorcycles were stolen, while other vehicles such as HGVs and trucks make up just over 2,200 thefts.
  • Victoria is thought to be the car theft capital of Australia, with up to 15,332 stolen vehicles having been reported. New South Wales and Queensland are similarly rife for car crime, though Western Australia saw a worrying spike of 6% year on year from 2016 to 2017.

You Should Be Insured

Comprehensive Car Insurance policies can provide you financial protection in the event of theft or damage. We recommend all our clients have car insurance; in fact, ALL our lenders REQUIRE that you have it so that you aren’t left with a huge loan balance after your car is stolen or damaged.

Help is at Hand

While car theft statistics appear to be approving, never let yourself become a statistic. If you’re a new driver and would like to know more about funding a car and protecting yourself with comprehensive car insurance, Auto Car Loans are here for you. We have access to a number of competitive car insurance policies as well as car finance options and can help you with a quick and easy quote process. Call us on 1300 301 051 to speak with a member of the team today!


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