The top-selling cars in Australia in 2019

Last month, we let you know about the major new car models being released in Australia in 2020. This week, we review the top-selling cars of 2019.

2019 new car sales in Australia were down in all States and Territories. The only new vehicle market segments that recorded increases were:
• sports cars valued between $80,000 and $200,000
• small SUVs priced lower than $40,000,
• and very large SUVs.

But more than 1 million new vehicles were still sold in Australia. SUVs still dominate the new car market with 45% market share. Passenger cars are the next best category with 29% of the market. Light commercial vehicles are third with 21%.


Toyota was the top-selling new car brand in Australia in 2019 with a 19.4% market share. They have more than double the market share of Mazda, their nearest rival at 9.2%. Mazda edged out Hyundai (8% market share) for second place.

The top 10 manufacturer brands and their respective market share are listed below.

1. Toyota (19.4%)
2. Mazda (9.2%)
3. Hyundai (8.1%)
4. Mitsubishi (7.8%)
5. Ford (6%)
6. Kia (5.8%)
7. Nissan (4.8%)
8. Volkswagen (4.7%)
9. Honda (4.1%)
10. Holden (4%)

Kia was the only one of the top 10 manufacturer brands to record a sales increase in 2019. Holden recorded the biggest percentage decrease in sales for the year (28.9%).

Manufacturers outside the top 10 who increased their market share included:
• Lexus
• Volvo
• Skoda
• Porsche
• and Great Wall.


The Toyota Hilux was the top-selling model in Australia last year. The Ford Ranger and the Toyota Corolla were the next most popular.

The top 10 models and the number of units sold are listed below.

1. Toyota Hilux (47,649)
2. Ford Ranger (40,690)
3. Toyota Corolla (30,468)
4. Hyundai i30 (28,378)
5. Mitsubishi Triton (25,819)
6. Mazda CX-5 (25,539)
7. Mazda 3 (24,939)
8. Toyota RAV4 (24,260)
9. Kia Cerato (21,757)
10. Mitsubishi ASX (20,806)

As you can see, both Toyota and Mazda have three models in the top 10.

Hybrid and electric cars

Sales of hybrid and electric cars bucked the general downward trend. Petrol-electric hybrid cars increased by 53% in Australia. Sales of electric and plug-in hybrids were up by 54%. It’s important to note though that the total sales volumes for these types of vehicles are still very low.


The top five countries where most of the new cars sold in Australia were made were as follows:

1. Japan (334,075 vehicles)
2. Thailand (271,120)
3. Korea (150,630)
4. Germany (84,166)
5. USA (41,275)

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